Pretty In Ink


What happens in Vegas and all that aside, readers will be glad Olson's
willing to relate the antics of tattoo artist Brett Kavanaugh and her pals.
Sinful, sexy, witty and eccentric, Brett keeps busy trying to find out who
killed the drag queen - while trying to figure out if a doc who's afraid of
needles could be her next amour.

Brett Kavanaugh owns Vegas's hottest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady, and does a little investigating in her spare time - especially when her friends are involved. Brett is on the scene when someone pops off a champagne cork that fatally knocks her drag queen friend on her/his fanny at the opening of Nylon and Tattoos, the newest drag show in Sin City. Though she didn¹t catch a face, Brett's sure the perp had a Queen of Hearts tattoo. When another performer is offed, Brett starts to wonder if the tattoo or the performers are the common denominator and hopes she finds the answer before she becomes the next target.



Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper