Image of The Prey (The Hunt Trilogy)


Image of The Prey (The Hunt Trilogy)

Fukuda shocked and awed with The Hunt and its gripping foray into a terrifying world. In The Prey, the intensity has only been ratcheted up to another level as the few remaining humans go on the run. Readers will be on the very edge of their seats as they helplessly watch the horrors unfurl. Ending in a whopper of a cliffhanger ending, The Prey will leave its audience utterly breathless and desperate to get their hands on the final installment.

Struggling to stay alive and avoid a terrible fate at the hands of society, Gene and his friends have ventured into unknown territory to escape. Each night at dusk the predators return, haunting their every step. But when they discover a group of other humans living deep in the mountains, Gene thinks they’ve finally escaped the horrors. Those illusions of safety are quickly extinguished as the refuge seems to hold its own secrets. As life once again becomes a deadly game of survival, Gene and his companions realize they can only count on one another. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Feb., 336 pp., $18.99)
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KT Clapsadl