Image of A Price to Pay (View Park Novels)


Image of A Price to Pay (View Park Novels)

The Chase family is at it again!
They simply refuse to learn the
meaning of the word "family," and
it seems as if there will never be
peace in this valley. There's not
much forward progress with this
story -- and resolution can be a
good thing!

Kimberly and Michael are now divorced parents, and the venom between Kimberly and her former mother-in-law has reached epic proportions. Meanwhile, Michael is torn between love and hate for Kimberly.

Daughter Haley continues to wreak havoc on the lives of all she touches, thanks to the associations she keeps. Son Carter destroyed the love he shared with Avery, and she left with their child to start over. And then there's Dr. Leigh Chase, who may be the only redemptive member of the family -- if she is allowed to continue her good work without the interference of her parents.(DAFINA, Jun., 257 pp, $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis