Calla, a slave, had an intimate encounter with a Saurellian commander and she can't stop thinking about him. Saurellian men hunger for sex until finding their lifemates. Now Seth can't understand why his encounter with Calla has satisfied him.

When Calla finds out her owner has sold her crèche brother Jess, all she wants to do is escape and find him. Dani, a member of the Guild-owned pleasure house, helps Calla by giving her another identity and contracts with Seth to take "Devora" off the planet as a sex slave for six months. Seth agrees as Devora reminds him so much of the slave girl he cannot forget.

This was a great story and the secondary characters made it even better. I look forward to more tales, as I would be interested in visiting with these characters again and again. ($6.20 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell