Dean's book gives truth to the old adage that love conquers all -- with a little help from magic. Readers may be left
wanting more of the magic, but it's the romance and emotional journey that fuel this story of love and self-sacrifice. The hero and heroine create plenty of sexual tension, while secondary characters and subplots add depth.

Every year on her birthday Lydia Nicholls receives a mysterious music box with a cryptic message. On her 30th birthday, she replays all the messages and is swept back in time. When she awakens, it's 1894, and she's in the Montana cabin of her benefactor, Delaney Michael Wessner. He fell for Lydia in his dreams, and his magic brought her from the future. But she can only stay for one month. Then she'll return home, and he'll have to pay the price. Lydia returns his feelings and tries to forget that she'll soon be going home -- alone. (, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski