Country superstar Cole Webster seems to be on a roll; his career is skyrocketing and he has the oh-so- sexy Belinda around to keep him company. Despite this, when Cole is injured in a serious motorcycle accident, his recovery is hampered by the realization that he is no longer happy with his current lifestyle or goals. To prevent speculation on Coles ability to return to performing, Frank Webster, Coles father and manager, keeps the news of his accident out of the press.

As Cole slowly recovers, he finds he has lost the spark that made him a driven performer. Reconstruction after the accident has changed Coles face, giving him the opportunity to become anonymous once more. Against his fathers wishes, Cole leaves town with only a few dollars in his pocket and a new name, Neal Chapman.

Getting hit over the head and robbed in Tennessee is not exactly what Cole had planned, but his misadventure does bring the irrepressible Holly Murdock into his life. Holly chides herself for feeling sorry for the injured Neal. After rising country hopeful Troy Martin took off, leaving her alone and pregnant, the last thing Holly needs is to get involved with another man.

Grateful for Hollys assistance and a place to recuperate, Cole decides to stick around and help Holly during her pregnancy. Soon gratitude turns to love, but given Hollys low opinion of the music industry, dare Cole tell her his true identity? Besides, does he really want to be Cole Webster anymore?

Fate and a jealous woman force Coles hand, leaving him unable to hide from his past or his problems. Cole has finally found what is truly important to him, but is it too late to convince Holly of his love?

With her newest offering, ALONE IN A CROWD, the always terrific Georgia Bockoven continues her string of insightful, engrossing and touching novels. This is a story filled with love, hope and understanding. (Mar., 327 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith