Elliot Moss collects antique crosses and covets the fabled Jeweled Cross of Catherine of Aragon; part of the fabulous collection Liberty Madison has recently inherited.

Liberty forsook her reputation when she become a companion. Though she was never Henrys mistress, society believed her a fallen woman.

Elliots obsession and desire for the cross compels him to strike a devils bargain with his life-long enemy and rivals mistress. He offers Liberty marriage in exchange for the Cross. The only problem is that Liberty has never seen the Cross and does not know where it is hidden.

The insatiable desire for the fabled jewel leads Elliot and Liberty into fiery passion and unknown danger. Even from the grave Henry has plotted to use Liberty to strike the last blow, but he never counted on the priceless power of love to thwart his schemes.

Mandalyn Kaye lives up to her promise as a priceless gem of an author whose meticulous research and intriguing plots enhance her fine characterization and love story. SENSUAL (Aug., 384pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin