History teacher Madison Evans has just found out that her live-in boyfriend and co-worker, Bradley, has been cheating on her. Needing time to recoup, she takes a two-year sabbatical from teaching, purchases an old house which needs major renovating, and answers an ad in the newspaper to spend an entire summer on an island paradise.

Anthony (Tony) Gates' grandmother, Mama Lou, places an ad for a subletter, with the intent of donating the money to a children's charity. An antiques dealer, Mama Lou's grandson is handsome enough to grace the cover of Ebony magazine. After his last relationship to a money-hungry pariah, he's sworn off relationships. It's too bad, because Mama Lou's subletter is fine.

The reader will wish that Madison and Tony find lasting, healing love in Celeste O. Norfleet's PRICELESS GIFT. (Mar., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Shamaine D. Henry