Wade Langtry just wants his share. What he gets is two handfuls of Texas most notorious female. Camile Cordells beauty marks her a woman, but her famed temper and rakish spirit drive Wade to lengths he vowed hed never reach again.

The two, one a reformed gunslinger-turned-investor and the other a woman desperate to win her estranged fathers love, clash in rousing style. From the moment they meet, sparks flyas well as tempers, pride, and new passions.

Just when Wade thinks he has Cam beat, she sneaks onto his cattle drive. A kidnapping, a strip-or-Ill-shoot-you evening, a shotgun marriage and a flight into unknown territory (the East Coast drawing room) all entwine into one terrific knot before tempers are soothed, betrayals are forgiven, and true love wrangles its way free.

Ms. Thompsons newest is a sure bet. High-tension desire and quick tempers between Wade and Cam make for an exciting, delicious read. Especially fun and engaging, this one is an unexpected surprise! SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black