This isn't the strongest of Vincent's werecat series novels -- the story bogs down several times during the trial scenes, and Faythe's first-person viewpoint isn't always an asset in this case. But once the story gets going, it's often quite compelling in terms of conflict and emotion.

Charged with infecting her ex-boyfriend Andrew and murdering him to conceal the crime, werecat tabby Faythe Sanders is on trial for her life. But non-Pride werecats have been sighted nearby, and Faythe's skills as an enforcer are required to help her lover, fellow enforcer Marc Ramos, hunt them down.

A young tabby, Kaci Dillon, is rescued, and Faythe is the only one who can get close to her. Kaci's existence raises questions, and her presence draws the attention of the leader of the rogue werecats -- putting all in danger. As the trial progresses and the tribunal leader's agenda is exposed, Faythe stands to lose everything. (MIRA, Feb., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer