Day plays on sensual themes with a lush grace that adds depth to her enticing romance. She includes everything romance readers expect and more, including a dark and sexy hero and an empowered heroine.

Heiress Eliza Martin is pursued by fortune hunters she cannot trust and one who is possibly rigging accidents to thrust her into marriage. She will not be pushed to the altar and is determined to expose her ruthless suitor. She needs a man she can trust who is unobtrusive and fits into society. She hires thief-taker Jasper Bond, who is too big, too young, too handsome and definitely too dangerous. Though Jasper could send one of his crew to guard Eliza, he is fascinated by her and takes the job, knowing she is uneasy with him. Sparks fly and passion explodes as they play a game of seduction while hunting the villain and discovering that desire has no boundaries. (BRAVA, Feb., 300 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin