Image of Pride's Run


Image of Pride's Run

This first book in the fantastic Wolf’s Pride series has a strong, brave, independent protagonist. The action is thrilling and constant, and the characters are so well written that readers will have a hard time guessing who the bad guys really are. Completely different from the other werewolf novels out there, this one’s a keeper.

Pride lives in a cage in the depths of her master’s grand estate. Her life consists of chains, leashes and angry handlers who beat and starve her. Pride’s master is involved in drugs, running his very own “puppy mill,” raising wolves to do his bidding — and killing. Pride is a runt who believes she’s too small to be of much use, but when she’s told she’ll have to mate with Stone, escape becomes crucial. Pride meets alpha Logan, who truly wants to keep her safe. With their enemies close behind, Pride and Logan are on a harrowing journey that could lead to their ultimate demise, or a real chance at life. (CAT KALEN, 2011, 270 pp., $9.79, PB, ISBN: 9780987855909, 16 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor