The novella delves deeply into the romantic bond between Xian and Hel. Even though society forces them apart, their love cannot be denied. Both sexually and emotionally compatible, Xian and Hel’s love is realistic and fulfilling. Halfway through the story, a subplot is introduced where an outsider joins in the couple’s love play leading to m/m scenes. While it seemed odd at first to introduce a third person into the relationship, the author was able to work this into the plot to create a seamless story.

A destructive solar storm has scorched the earth killing most humans. Those that survived created a new religion and world order to combat chaos. In this bleak future, small communities are ruled by high priestesses that communicate with the Goddess to pass down laws. But when the current priestess, Xian, sees terrible injustices she begins to question her role. To find answers, Xian sneaks out of the temple taking along her lifelong guard, Hel. During their journey, the priestess learns about the actions of past rulers and the reasons behind society’s rigid rules. But along with this knowledge also comes the need to break those very rules. Now Xian must decide to either embrace life outside the temple walls with Hel, or return to the temple to rule as high priestess. (Samhain, May, dl. $3.50)

*WEB EXCLUSIVE REVIEW - Note: This story contains M/M scenes *

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne