Image of Priestess Dreaming: An Otherworld Novel


Image of Priestess Dreaming: An Otherworld Novel

Keeping a long running series fresh and intriguing is no simple feat, but Galenorn is succeeding brilliantly with her Otherworld novels. By creating an expansive cast of captivating characters that readers care about, Galenorn makes the threat all too real. With war raging in Otherworld and a demon lord trying to break into the human dimension, the last thing the D’Artigo sisters need is a new threat, but that’s exactly what they get in the newest page-turner from Galenorn.

With the holidays approaching, the D’Artigo sisters and their loved ones are trying to engage in some joyful fun in the midst of recent tragedy and turmoil. But it’s just their luck that things go awry. Camille is summoned by Aeval, the Queen of Shadow and Night, and ordered on a very dangerous quest. An ancient power, the precursor to the Dragons, has awoken and is breaking free of his prison. The only person capable of fighting the wyrm is the legendary Merlin who was forced into a sleep centuries ago. (JOVE, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith