Louise Niles, almost a spinster, owns a store and parents her younger siblings, she has no time for romance. Her sister, Sally, does. Unfortunately, Sally has set her sights on Cal Saunders, a man that Louisa would never approve of due to his brother, Ty. Louisa wants nothing to do with rugged and-in her opinion-uncouth mountain man Ty Saunders, much less have him become Sally's brother-in-law.

Sally concocts a scheme to convince Louise that Cal is not such a bad catch. By pretending interest in Ty, she hopes Louisa will be so horrified that anyone, even Cal, will gain her approval for Sally's hand. Ty does his darndest to play along with the facade. Playing on Louisa's desire to keep him and Sally apart, he tricks Louise into spending time on his ranch. What he doesn't plan on is falling in love.

Ms. Ireland tells a good story, filled with banter, but not much action. SENSUAL (Apr., 297 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer