The Flowers of the West Series comes to a rousing conclusion in this absolutely charming and heartwarming love story of a proud American farmer's daughter and an arrogant English nobleman.

Though her sisters have left the family farm and want her to enroll in a school for young ladies, Rose Martin has other ideas.

Her love for her Kansas farm drives her to do whatever she must to hold on to her heritage; so when her sisters sell the land to the Duke of Moreland, Rose decides to either drive him away or drive him crazy.

Escaping his domineering mother and a possible scandal in England, Alexander Warrick buys what he believes is a prosperous farm. What he finds is a soddy, several cantankerous animals and a stubborn, independent-minded, pleasingly plump young woman. But he's determined not to run off, even if he has to allow Rose to stay and teach him how to farm.

Unwillingly attracted to one another, Rose and Alex begin a battle of wills and heated passion that will delight readers, and when Rose agrees to take in an orphaned infant belonging to Alex's fiance (fathered by another man) readers will wipe away a tear or two. Add to this the unexpected arrival of Heather and Laurel and their husbands and you have a romance that tickles your funny bone and plays on your heartstrings. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin