Image of Primal Bonds (Shifters Unbound, Book 2)


Image of Primal Bonds (Shifters Unbound, Book 2)

In the second in her Shifters Unbound series, the multitalented Ashley begins revealing more of the complex history that makes up her world. Prejudice, hatred and fear abound in Primal Bonds, giving this book a threatening edge. Ashley’s skill at blending plot intricacies with believable characters makes this a terrific mix of passion and power. Settle in and enjoy!

As guardian and keeper of the sword that can release the souls of shifters, Sean Morrissey doesn’t expect to find a female willing to accept him and his bleak duties. When half-shifter/ half-fae Andrea Gray needs access in order to join Shiftertown, Sean evokes the mate-claim to gain her entry. Trouble is brewing as human gangs are shooting at shifters, trying to cause a wider rift between the populations. The magical collar each shifter is forced to wear limits their attempts at retaliation. Andrea is having disturbing dreams; is someone trying to make contact from Faerie? Can Andrea and Sean uncover what is behind the increase in violence before it is too late? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith