Although health issues have forced cop Phillipa Elliot to re-examine her life and career, she has no difficulty sensing when trouble is around. Trouble's name is Matt Bridger, and he's the all-too-sexy friend of Phillipa's sister Jo and Jo's husband, Marcus Cage. Phillipa is back in Las Vegas for the christening of her nephew, but the happy occasion is about to be crashed by a group of human Purists, determined to wipe out all vampires, including children.

No dummy, Phillipa quickly realizes there's something different about her new in-laws and her new lover. Still, no one is going to hurt her family if she can help it. But getting involved in this ancient fight could be hazardous to both her heart and health.

Hiding in plain sight has worked fairly well for the clan Vampires, but threatening forces continue to erupt.In Sizemore's paranormal world, laws are meant to be followed, and consequences can be tough. An intriguing alternate reality with absorbing characters and touches of humor makes this series one of the best and most consistently appealing around. (Aug., 349 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith