Image of Primal Heat


Image of Primal Heat

Jordan packs a lot into her two novellas — maybe a little too much. The sexual connection between the main characters is extraordinarily hot and much more satisfying than the plot twists that involve world domination and complicated alien politics.

With the ability to shapeshift into tigers, the Kith have arrived back on Earth in search of their emperor’s “One,” a soul mate that satisfies the beast within. U.S. Sergeant Maj. Brenna Preston can’t get Kith ambassador Lord Farid Arjun out her mind — literally. They are destined to be together, but first they have to save his leader and overthrow hers in “Wicked Lord.” Jana Townsend has taken on her role as empress with great skill, including saving her emperor and shapeshifting soul mate from Earth’s dictator. He may have traveled the universe to find her, but now they have to discover how to live together. Their desire is unrelenting and she revels in being the “Carnal Empress.” (APHRODISIA, Nov., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison