What do you get when you combine top-secret military teams and werewolves? Try Tyler’s sizzling new supernatural series featuring the Alpha Pack — a specialized team of wolf shifters with PSI powers. In this launch book, readers are introduced to the various team members, with the primary focus on Jaxon Law. Tyler has set up an intriguing premise for her series, which promises plenty of action, treachery and scorchingly hot sex. Regrettably, however, some of the heroine’s behavior stretches credibility.

Jaxon Tyler has survived two attacks that should have killed him. The first was in Afghanistan, when his covert team was attacked and the survivors changed into werewolves with varying PSI powers. The second was when the Alpha Pack, now working secretly for the government, was betrayed by Jax’s girlfriend. Then Jaxon rescues Kira Locke, a lab assistant for NewLife Technology, from an attack. Suspecting something sinister is going on at work, Kira steals some sensitive samples. As Jax and Kira try to figure out the ramifications of what she stole, they fight a losing battle against the powerful passion that connects them. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Aug., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith