O frabjous joy! It is time for another frothy piece of delight from the frequently zany and always wonderful Barbara Metzger.

Of all the rotten luck! Who would have believed that the inheritance of Corin, Seventh Viscount Knowle, would literally go to the dogs? Yet, that is indeed the case. Primrose Cottage now belongs to a horde of dogs, thanks to his eccentric Aunt Sophie's last will and testament. True, it will eventually revert to his ownership, but not until every last one of the mutts finds a loving home.

To ensure that this process is carried out properly, Aunt Sophie's young companion, Miss Angelina Armstead, has been commissioned to remain at the cottage and care for the canine populace. And Angelina has every intention of standing firm against the viscount's efforts to overturn or otherwise thwart this bizarre legacy.

And so the handsome lord must throw the book of etiquette right out the window if he is to protect a notorious spy for the English, court a wealthy heiress and somehow deal with the infuriating minx who steals his heart away.

Not only will this bubbly concoction keep you chuckling far into the night, but the charming love story speaks unerringly to the heart as well. Label this one "treasure." (Apr, 230 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer