Continuing her Sons of Encourage-ment series, Rivers novelizes the struggle of Jonathon, son of rebellious King Saul and friend of the heroic David, who later becomes king. Jonathon fights beside his father to establish the monarchy in Israel and drive out the oppressing Philistines. He reveres the word of the Lord delivered through the prophet Samuel and contained on written scrolls. His heart is torn apart to see his father continually defy God and yet cling to a throne that his very disobedience has sacrificed.

Jonathon is torn between his desire to obey the scripture that commands him to honor his father and yet walk close to God. And he doesn't know how to reconcile his love for his father with his love for David, the man his father hates and who is destined to keep Prince Jonathon from ever becoming king.

Readers always get more than their money's worth with a Rivers book. This novella packs a powerful punch through characters that resonate in the soul. Fast-paced and seamless, this is a magnificent tale of courage, faithfulness, woe and great joy. (Sep., 242 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson