Lady Ophelia Brinsby hates the pretensions of London's high society. She often sneaks away to visit her literary friends, and no uppity servant, a groom, no less, is going to stop her.

Prince Alexander Mirandola is masquerading as a groom while he plots the survival and future of his small Italian kingdom and no rebellious hoyden is going to stop him.

Wills clash and finally a truce is called. To their surprise, Ophelia and Alex find they are kindred spirits and before long they overstep the boundaries between servant and mistress.

But when Alex is unmasked and his engagement to another announced, Ophelia is livid and ashamed. Suddenly Alex is in for the the fight of his life-to win back the woman he loves.

A PRINCE AMONG MEN is a delicious battle-of-wills romance, with witty repartee and lively characters that make this a fun read to sit back and enjoy. SWEET (Nov., 348 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer