Image of The Prince And The Nanny


Image of The Prince And The Nanny
Prince Ryan Kaelan of Momhilegra needs a nanny for his motherless children, and he wants the best. Prudence Winslow fits the bill, but she already has a job she likes. Ryan persists, and Prue gives in -- but not without a fight! The arrangement suits Ryan very well, but the growing attraction between them troubles Prue. She's vowed to remain manless for a year, and she's not sure she can resist Ryan for six whole months! Cara Colter kicks off the By Royal Appointment miniseries with The Prince and the Nanny (4.5). It's a humorous, ultramodern fairy tale with an unforgettable Prince Charming -- and a lively, strong-minded heroine.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer