PRINCE CHARMING FOR 1 NIGHT (4) by Nina Bruhns: The illegitimate daughter of one of Vegas's richest men, Vera Mancuso makes ends meet by stripping at one of the nightclubs. When her half-sister frantically seeks her out, begging her to hold onto a beautiful ring, Vera hides it in plain sight by wearing it. Attorney Darius "Connor" Rothchild is at the club for a case when he spots not only Vera but also the Tears of Quetzal ring, which was stolen from his family. Connor approaches Vera and something surprising happens: instant, intense attraction. Their lives couldn't be more different, so who knows where this might lead? The latest in the Love in 60 Seconds miniseries is an entertaining fairy tale with mystery, mayhem and humor all laced tightly together with loads of hot passion.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers