Image of Prince Daddy & the Nanny


Image of Prince Daddy & the Nanny
PRINCE DADDY AND THE NANNY (3) by Brenda Harlen: Hannah Castillo accepts a nanny position for the summer to the daughter of Prince Michael Leandres. She’s had a crush on his royal highness since she was a child but as they are from different worlds, she has no expectation of something romantic happening between them. Besides, Michael is still grieving the death of his wife. However, when Hannah and Michael meet, they can’t deny the attraction they have for one another. Yet when she reveals her heart to him, he doesn’t respond in kind, not expecting to love again. Until he realizes that his heart is open to love again and Hannah is the reason. An overused premise takes away a bit of the sparkle of this sweet story.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates