The most headstrong of the eight Macleod sisters, Isobel rescues Michael St. Clair from attackers. But instead of gaining his freedom, they are tied up in a cave--Isobel cuts their bonds and brings him home.

Believing she has been compromised, Isobel's family demands they marry. Michael has no objections, but Isobel adamantly refuses, even though Michael's brother is about to be invested as the Prince of the Orkneys. However, after rashly stowing away on Michael's ship, Isobel has no choice but to marry him and continue on to the investiture.

It's not smooth sailing for the newlyweds; the men chasing Michael are still following them, and his bastard cousin is after a treasure said to have been stolen from the Kirk of Rome more than a century before. After the investiture, Michael and Isobel begin their search for the treasure. When their enemy arrives, it's up to Isobel to save the day again.

Scott has penned a winner filled with adventure. Isobel is a feisty heroine who learns that marriage to the right man is not to be feared or hated. Readers will look forward to the adventures of the other Macleod sisters. SENSUAL (Nov., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager