Coming in paperback this month is PRINCE OF DOGS (4.5), the second volume in Kate Elliotts wonderful new fantasy series begun with Kings Dragon (4). When the troubled kingdoms of Wendar and Varre are thrown into civil war, King Henry mourns the reported death of his son, little realizing that he is actually alive, a prisoner of the dreaded Eika warlord Bloodheart, and desperately fighting to keep the last sparks of his sanity. But before he can even think about fighting the Eika and retaking Gent, the king must first put down his remaining rebellious lords. The Eika, however, have their own plans about the disposition of King Henrys forces, and only Liath, the kings Eagle, holds the key to victory. Ms. Elliott continues to weave an elegantly intricate tapestry of full-bodied characters who will fascinate and intrigue readers up to the very last page.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer