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by Lisa Kleypas

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal
Setting: England, 1877, Russia, 1707

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Banished from his native Russia, Prince Nikolas Angelovsky has made England his home and has every intention of making Lady Emma Stokehurst his bride. When the man that Emma loves mysteriously breaks off their forbidden courtship, she flees to Nikolas' waiting arms, accepting his proposal of convenience.

Haunted by demons from his past, Nikolas denies his love for Emma, eventually pushing her away in a misguided attempt to shelter the tattered remains of his soul. Confused and hurt by his unfathomable rejection, Emma seeks solace in her menagerie for abused animals and in the company of Nikolas' illegitimate son.

After the restoration of a portrait of his ancestor, Nikolia, the brooding Nikolas falls unconscious. He recalls his life as Prince Nikolia and the love he shared with his beloved wife Amelia. When Nikolas awakens, his soul redeemed, he realizes he has been given a second chance at love and life.

But can Nikolas convince Emma they share a love so strong that it once caused them to defy Peter the Great?

Ms. Kleypas vividly brings Prince Nikolia back to life in a tale that burns with fervent passions. PRINCE OF DREAMS is a provocative tale of redemption in which Ms. Kleypas explores the mystical theory of reincarnation. (Aug., 404 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed By: Lizabelle Cox

Publisher: Avon

Published: August 1995

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Prince of Dreams - Lisa Kleypas

Submitted by Robin in PA on September 19, 2010 - 11:46am.

Exiled Russian Prince Nikolas Angelovsky would do anything to win the hand of Emma Stokehurst. When he finally marries her, he doesn't treat her well. He is cold to her and his illegitimate son, Jake. When he is suddenly sent back in time 150 years into the body of his ancestor, he meets Emma again. This time he begins to trust her with his love.

I was very bored with this book. Nikolas is not a likable hero and I just wanted to choke him for the way he treats his wife and son. The time-travel section of the books slows the story down even more. I almost gave up on this one and can't recommend it. My rating: 2 Stars.

A great love story for those

Submitted by Raquel Boix Vidal on May 1, 2010 - 8:37am.

A great love story for those who believe that one can find thair true love life after life...