Two thumbs up to the stratosphere for the dazzling second romantic fantasy from the pen of one of the genre's next superstars.Ms. Krinard takes a giant leap forward in what promises to be a spectacular career. Brava!

It has been many years since psychologist Diana Ransom has dreamed of her sister Clare's death. But now the nightmares are back, and her young cousin Keely's life begins repeating the ominous pattern of Claire's before its tragic end.

Who is the golden charmer who has so mesmerized young Keely? Nicholas Gale claims to have broken off with Keely, but witnesses claim to have seen him in the girl's company after the supposed termination of their relationship.

Only Nicholas knows just how much danger Keely, and therefore Diana, is in from an implacable enemy determined to prevent this vampire of dreams from gaining the solace of mortality he so desperately craves. And only Diana knows just how much she is willing to sacrifice for a transcendent love.

(Feb., 498 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer