The magic and mysticism of the elfen world come to life in this enjoyable book, complete with elves, sprites,
pixies and dragons. Centering around
a half-human, half-elfen baby and
his birthright as future King of the Elves, this story pulls you into a magical world and keeps you interested until the end. The only flaw, though minor, is how easily the heroine accepts this alter-world.

Fern MacGregor is used to taking care of her flakey sister, Ivy. When Ivy's boyfriend, Adair, disappears and Ivy tells Fern a wild story about Baird being in danger, Fern agrees to take care of the boy while Ivy handles the problem. Unfortunately, Fern soon finds Ivy's body and learns from Adair's cousin, Kieran, that Adair is dead too, killed by another cousin who wishes to inherit the crown. To do this, however, he must get rid of Baird. To save the baby, Fern and Kieran go on the run.

Kieran has been falsely accused of killing Adair and plans to take Baird to his grandparents' to prove his innocence. While he knew it would be a fight to defeat his cousin and convince Fern to let him take the baby, he never expected to fall in love with Fern.

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Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler