Image of Prince of Ice (Tales of the Demon World, Book 2)


Image of Prince of Ice (Tales of the Demon World, Book 2)

Holly pairs her signature sizzling sex scenes with an intriguing futuristic version of the old prince-falls-for-a-commoner tale. Readers delve right into the demon world without too much disorienting information to distract them from a great story with surprising plot twists, exciting action and steamy sex.

The eyes of the Yama go black when they meet their destined mate. Because his eyes have not yet turned dark, Corum, the prince of Midarri, is encouraged by his parents to take a pillow girl to help him with his sexual awakening.

But passion and danger ignite when Corum unknowingly selects Xishi, his childhood companion who was banished to an orphanage after it was decided that she was exacerbating Corum's genetic defect to feel emotions -- an unacceptable trait amongst the Yama. As Corum and Xishi reunite, the repercussions of their union are felt throughout the Yama world. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elissa Petruzzi