Image of Prince of Kisses (Fairy Tale Trilogy, the Kimball family Book 3)


Image of Prince of Kisses (Fairy Tale Trilogy, the Kimball family Book 3)

Jewelry designer and one-time cat burglar Devlin Rhodes plans to breach the well-guarded home of rival designer Charlaine Kimball, the "Ice Princess."

Once inside her bedroom, he is enchanted by the princess. She, however, is stunned to find the arrogant half-French "frog" in her home. Devlin vows to be the frog who eats off her golden dishes and sleeps in her bed as he steals booty that includes priceless gems and a beautiful book.

Devlin returns all but the book to her and proposes they work on a design to enter in Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee competition. Not one to shrink from a challenge, Charlaine agrees.

Forced to wed due to gossip, Devlin and Charlaine face off. Though she is falling in love with him, she refuses to relinquish her independence, while Devlin stubbornly refuses to kiss her until she says "I love you." Combine these willful characters' pride and Devlin's powerful enemies who plot his downfall and you have tension and action that builds until the climax.

In this delightful romance based on The Frog Prince, Colleen Shannon takes liberties with the original to come up with a wonderfully grown-up version. She has brilliantly mastered the technique of creating a fairy tale fantasy that delights and enchants readers seeking adult entertainment while remembering a cherished childhood story. SENSUAL (May, 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin