Image of Prince of Magic


Image of Prince of Magic

Beware the dark man. These words have haunted Elizabeth Penhurst since she scandalized her family by dancing, scantily clad, in the moonlight. Now she has been sent to relatives in Dorset where she meets a stranger who reminds her of those ominous words.

Gabriel Durham is intrigued by the newcomer. An outcast from his family, Gabriel has taken up residence in an old, crumbling abbey where he studies the ancient religions and talks to the ghosts of medieval monks. But Elizabeths arrival sets him to thinking of more earthy pursuits.

Elizabeth and Gabriels attraction grows, but each is wary, and others conspire to use Gabriels unique abilities for their own evil schemes.

Anne Stuart conjures clever, enticing tales of romance, intrigue and passion that lure the reader into the story and never let go. Youll gladly give up a nights sleep to spend those hours with a book by Anne Stuart. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin