Jeremy Adair (Dare) North, Marquess of Wolverton, is wickedly handsome, arrogant and intent on pleasure. But no amount of sexual ecstasy can erase the memory of the woman who betrayed him seven years ago: the beautiful French emigré, Julianne Laurent.

Julianne, an actress, is the toast of London. Wagers fly as to who will be her protector, and when Dare asserts his desire to make her his mistress, Julianne has no choice but to take on his wager.

They begin their game of seduction, but as their passion flames, they are drawn into a more dangerous game. Dare needs Julianne's help to catch a traitorous spy named Caliban.

Betrayal, seduction and danger are the heady mix Jordan stirs together in this compelling, sexually charged love story. SPICY (Jul., 378 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond