Image of Prince of Power (Chronicles of Yavn)


Image of Prince of Power (Chronicles of Yavn)

This is an action-packed, half-urban fantasy/half-romance with a meaty plot and a lot of characters. The story between Tyra and Anton is exciting, engaging and hot, but readers may be more drawn to some of the other characters in the book and wondering what would happen to them. There’s the centuries-old vampire and a party-girl human, as well as two vampires who have both recently lost their mates and are brought together by the circumstances. Here's hoping this series continues and we get to find out the fate of all of these couples!

Vampire soldier Tyra has become the target of wizards, due to her unique powers. Anton is the son of the wizard ruler, left to die after he’s turned against his people and refused to kill more vampires to gain power. When he saves Tyra’s life, sparks immediately fly and Tyra sees a way for her to hunt down the wizard ruler herself, or at least give her people a secret weapon. But the rest of the vampire race is much more suspicious about Anton’s interest in Tyra. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo