Prince of Ravenscar contains as much mystery as romance. Coulter infuses taut suspense, chilling scenes and tension into a love story. She begins with a rather typical theme – widower needs new wife — then adds a dash of gothic romance, as she thrusts readers into a full-blown mystery with chills, thrills and red herrings. Definitely a must-read for her fans.

Lord Julian Monroe is still haunted by the death of his wife, Lily, three years ago. He does not believe she killed herself, and her family believes he killed her. However, his mother thinks it high time he remarry and has chosen Sophie Wilkie as his bride. Sophie is 20 to his 32 and her vivaciousness, stubbornness and intelligence begin winning him over. She believes Julian is innocent of Lily’s death and that they are destined for one another. Sophie arrives at Julian’s estate along with her aunt Roxanne. Shortly after their arrival Roxanne meets Julian’s friend Devlin and sparks begin to fly. When Lily’s family gets wind of Sophie’s arrival they are invited to visit and that’s when Lily’s brother Richard’s hatred of Julian explodes. After the visit and his departure, unexplained accidents occur on Julian’s estate. Roxanne is kidnapped and rescued. Who is responsible and why is suspicion cast on Julian? Sophie helps him search for answers and their newfound love is tested. (PUTNAM, Nov., 416 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin