Rising superstar Susan Krinard dishes up yet another mind-blowing reading experience in this explosive spin-off of her already classic Prince of Wolves.

His name is Shadow. Alexandra Worthington first encounters the black wolf while spending a vacation with her grandfather. It is a time of magic for girl and cub alike as they romp through the summer. Tragedy strikes, however, leaving each of them alone and desolate.

Years later, Alex returns to Minnesota as a dedicated wolf researcher determined to do everything she can to preserve the species she so admires. To her astonishment, she stumbles across another black wolf who, if she didn't know better, seems to be her old friend Shadow. This time he needs her help as he tries to shake off a poisoning attempt by a disgruntled local.

The next morning she awakens to find that the wolf is not your average wolf. Now she must find a way to help a sexy amnesiac discover who and what he is. The answers lie far to the northwest, if they can prove him innocent of murder.

A daring innovator and extraordinary storyteller, Susan Krinard creates another towering landmark in imaginative fiction. (Aug., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer