Image of Prince of Swords


Image of Prince of Swords

With the loss of her family's fortune, Jessamine Maitland moves her mother and sister, Fleur, to London and hires herself out as a Tarot card reader for the aristocracy to raise the money to launch Fleur into society.

Alastair MacAlpin, Earl of Glenshiel, has turned to robbery to relieve his boredom and fill his pockets. Honorable and clever, he only steals from those who do not need their colorful gems; a Robin Hood who fills his own purse.

They meet at a party and though Jessamine can feel the presence of danger she has no way of knowing for sure that Alastair and the burglar "The Cat" are one and the same.

Intent upon learning more about the lovely young woman, Alastair plans to play a seductive game of cat and mouse with Jessamine, unwittingly drawing them both into a nefarious scheme.

A mocking hero, a daring heroine, fog shrouded streets, love, desire, danger and a bold theft all add up to a non-stop page-turner by one of the most ingenious writers in the genre today. The incomparable Anne Stuart does it again! SENSUAL (Sept., 381 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin