Upon her fathers death, Maryana of Chamoney is sent from her home in Neran to live with her uncle, Baron Delay. Recently granted the Sakim estate of Varley Castle in the forbidden land of their enemies by the Neran King, Baron Delay is busily trying to keep the Sakim from revolting.

Maryana meets the former Lord of Varley when she arrives in Sakim. Hes tall, dark and hypnotically handsome.

Determined to keep her estate of Chamoney in Neran and not wed the lecherous Miles Foulane, Maryana hopes to convince her uncle that she can take care of herself. That is before she becomes entranced by the dark Sakim lord.

Maryana learns that Lord Varley is biding his time. He must retake his lands for the sake of his people. They are close to starving and winter is coming. She helps him and they discover their passion just as Miles brings news of the kings coming visit.

Miles is set upon destroying Varley and possessing Maryana and her lands. Lord Varley and Maryana take to the forest, becoming outlaws robbing the tax collectors. When Maryana is threatened, Varley, known as the Prince of Thieves, will risk all for his lady love.

Saranne Dawson presents a wonderful Robin Hood type romance that will steal your heart and have you cheering as love triumphs over evil. SENSUAL (Dec., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor