Image of Princep's Fury


Image of Princep's Fury

The extraordinary journey of Tavi, a former farm boy turned last hope of the Realm, reaches new heights in the fifth and penultimate chapter of Butcher's
especially rewarding series, the Codex Alera. As in the previous books, the electrifying action is split between multiple intertwining storylines, with much-loved characters all facing potential death and destruction. When it comes to versatility and awesome storytelling, Butcher is in
a class by himself!

The revelation that Tavi of Calderon is in fact heir to the Alerian crown has changed his life forever. With great power comes great responsibility -- plus a whole host of people trying to kill him.

To forestall the initial onslaught, Tavi and many of his officers volunteer to escort their former enemies the Canim back to Canea. But upon arrival, Tavi's worst fears are realized: They learn the dreaded Vord have been laying waste to Canea.

Meanwhile, back in Alera, the unthinkable occurs. It's learned that the Vord have returned and are on the move. To try to save Alera, First Lord Gaius Sextus will demand much of Tavi's beloved mother and uncle. (ACE, Dec., 394 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith