Image of The Prince's Captive Wife


Image of The Prince's Captive Wife

THE PRINCE'S CAPTIVE WIFE (3) by Marion Lennox: Before Prince Andreas Karedes took up his royal duties on the island kingdom of Aristo, he spent time in Australia, where he fell in love with Holly Cavanaugh. When Andreas left, he didn't know that Holly was pregnant. Now a royal scandal is about to break loose as a gossip magazine plans to tell the world. Against her will, and not understanding why, Holly is brought to Aristo and is shocked when Andreas informs her they must marry or his family could lose control of their kingdom. The star of this lovers-reunited story is the heroine, who's the shining light that drives the novel. But the royal family and some of their not-so-nice machinations diminish the fairy tale.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers