Image of The Prince's Forbidden Virgin


Image of The Prince's Forbidden Virgin
With the wine industry close to being ruined, the livelihood of the people of Niroli is at stake. Max Fierezza reluctantly calls his scientist cousin Rosa for help. The last time they saw each other she had a crush on Max and he tried to handle it gently. But five years later Rosa has grown into a beautiful, sexy woman, and Max is entranced. Still, they're cousins, and with Max ready to ascend the throne it would be a scandal for them to get involved. In The Prince's Forbidden Virgin (4.5), the latest addition to the House of Niroli series, Robyn Donald puts a modern spin on melodrama, with elements of forbidden love and dark secrets. Best of all, at the center is a wonderful twosome whose hot passion embodies both love and romance.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers