Image of The Prince's Outback Bride


Image of The Prince's Outback Bride
To preserve the succession, Maxsim de Gautier, the Prince Regent of Alp D'Estella, travels to Australia to locate the heir to the throne. His nephew lives on a decrepit dairy farm with his guardian, Pippa Donohue, and his two sisters -- and Pippa has a different plan for Marc's future. It takes time for Max to persuade her to move the small family to Alp D'Estella, but it's worth the effort. Falling in love wasn't part of Max's plan, but that was before he met Pippa! Marion Lennox's The Prince's Outback Bride (4) has a solid conflict and plot, and the banter between Max and Pippa is often hilarious.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer