Image of The Prince's Waitress Wife


Image of The Prince's Waitress Wife
THE PRINCE'S WAITRESS WIFE (3) by Sarah Morgan: Having just been dumped by her fiance, Holly must continue to work as a waitress. She's assigned to the party of playboy Prince Casper of Santallia, primarily because she's the exact opposite of the type of woman he usually goes for. But once they meet, the lure is overwhelming. They're caught kissing on camera, which turns into more off camera, and Casper is sure Holly set it all up. Soon he brands her a gold digger, and Holly is appalled. What will happen when he finds out she's pregnant? An intense attraction-at-first-sight story quickly sours when the magnetic hunk turns on the heroine. He's lucky she's almost too good to be true, because it takes awhile for him to become a real prince, not just one in name.
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Sandra Garcia-Myers