When the island kingdom of Ascensions peace is threatened by Napoleon, the beautiful Princess Serefina becomes a target for kidnappers. Only the quick intervention of the Kings trusted spy, Darius Santiago, saves her.

Hard, calculating and honorable, Darius has only one weakness: his adoration for the princess. Since childhood Serefina believed Darius to be her champion, secretly harboring a love for him. But Darius believes there is no chance for love between them, until her life is endangered.

Spiriting her away to a quiet villa, he can pretend they are an ordinary couple; not princess and commoner. Serefina has a gift for reaching into Darius very soul; tempting and teasing him until he can no longer resist the blazing passion between them.

But their love only thrusts them into more danger, as Serefina is to marry a Russian noble and Darius schemes to assassinate Napoleon to stop the wedding.

The feisty, spirited repartee between these unlikely lovers, the fast-paced action, sizzling sensuality and highly romantic love story propel the novel forward at the speed of lightening. Youll be swept up in the intrigue and even more so in the utterly romantic, almost fairy-tale love shared by Serefina and Darius: a love so great it can overcome any and all obstacles; the kind of unconditional love we dream about. Once more Gaelen Foley has created a breathtaking, emotionally powerful story to be treasured. SENSUAL (Aug., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin