Jane Heller continues to carve out her own uniquely wonderful and wacky writing niche. PRINCESS CHARMING is sure to make you snicker with delight!

P.R. expert Elaine Zimmerman has reservations about her vacation from the very beginning, But pals Jackie Gault and Pat Kovecky insist that a cruise is just what they need. The women became friends during their various divorces. All have gone through bad patches with their ex-es which has bonded the "three blond mice" for life.

Not long after boarding the ship, Elaine accidentally overhears a crossed wire phone conversation where one man hires another to kill his ex-wife during the Princess Charming cruise. Unfortunately, Elaine doesn't recognize the voices, but quickly realizes that she and her friends are the most likely targets. But which of the ex-husbands could it be?

Elaine knows her friends will think she is nuts if she confides in them, but she gamely tries to convince the ship's captain that mayhem may soon occur. He tells her to take a valium and go play bingo. Elaine watches all the men on the ship; wondering which one is the potential killer and which of the three is the potential victim.

When handsome insurance agent Sam Peck comes into view, Elaine's hormones start singing. It would be just her luck if Sam turns out to be the killer. With only days left, Elaine must uncover the target quick.

(Apr., 304 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith