Widowed Gwyneth Barrie and her young son live quietly and in near poverty. She makes do by giving piano lessons and volunteering her time at the Ladies Library dedicated to helping women in distress.

But everything is about to change when Gwyneth becomes the recipient of a sum of money from an unknown benefactor. The money comes with a trustee, a man she hasnt seen in years, Jason Radley.

Jason conjures up memories best forgotten. Destiny draws these two star-crossed lovers even closerwhen Gwyneth is almost killed, Jason fears for her life. How can he protect her when the murderer seems to be one jump ahead of them and a master of surprise?

Ms. Thornton excels at writing a steamy passionate tale of love and PRINCESS CHARMING gives you all that and more in this fast-paced historical romantic suspense. SENSUAL (Feb., 351 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond