Princess Mia is back with the fourth charming and hilarious installation of her diaries, replete with her ongoing adolescent insecurities and tons of pop culture references that fans have loved in the other books.

This tale begins on the first day of a new year for Mia, who is still giddy with pleasure that she is now the girlfriend of Michael Moscovitz. Mia shows us that although she's a 14-year-old princess: "…being royal loses a lot of its glamour once it actually happens to you."

Mia is spending winter break in Genovia, alternately doing her princess duties and obsessing over her new relationship with Michael. Once she's back in New York for the new semester, Mia begins to lose confidence in Michael, whom she has loved for eight years. Does he love her like a girlfriend, or like a (gasp!) sister? Meanwhile, her confidence continues to plummet as she sees how talented all her friends are but can't see what's so special about herself: "I can't shake this feeling that I am… Well, a total reject." It's enough to make you scream, "Get over it!," because we know there's nothing wrong with this girl at all. These are the same insecurities that almost every teenaged girl has—especially one with her first boyfriend—but in this book it starts to feel like whining.

Still, how can you not love reading this book? Even if Mia does whine, she is a terribly sweet girl. She may try to tell us she's a geek, but we're not buying—she's still as charming as ever. (Mar., 225 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris