Popular fantasy author Brooks returns after nearly a generation to Landover,
a magical land accessible from our own. Brooks' prose is reliably straightforward. His young protagonist clearly has plot immunity while Brooks' habit
of having convenient supporting characters pop in to push the plot in the right direction further undermines
any tension the book might have
had. The result is an inoffensive but rather dull novel, one that reminded this reviewer of a less panty and pun-obsessed Xanth.

Teenage Mistaya is the daughter of King Ben and his wife Willow. When her rebellious nature gets her expelled from school in our mundane world, her parents struggle to find a place for her to learn the skills a princess needs. Mistaya flees, seeking autonomy and sanctuary. Too cunning by half, she ends up at the ancient and decrepit library that her father was planning on sending her to. The library has its dark secrets and a villainous curator to match, but the princess will prove to be more than equal to the challenge. (DEL REY, Sep., 352 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll